MURU bench

is a protest design against waste





The design process began when I learned that CLT factories have a problem with excess. They didn’t know what to do about it. In my mind, manufactures should give some serious thought to the product`s life cycle when planning their production. I wanted to use that waste and make a statement by means of design. I also found the CLT´s surface very beautiful and authentic. Manufactures should work together because someone`s waste could be somebody else´s treasure. I also think there is lack of good-designed benches.


About the design

Muru is a bench designed particularly for homes. It´s suitable for e.g. hallways, kitchens and living rooms. It can also be used as a sideboard. Muru bench is marked by its minimalistic design. I wanted to highlight the CLT -panels´ beautiful and rough surface.  Its delicate frame contrasts nicely with its rough surface. Muru bench bears all the landmarks of Nordic Design heritage: authenticity, simplicity and functionality.


The boxing, unboxing and assembling of Muru is made easy, as the board and the frame will be packed separately. The bench is one part of the Muru furniture family. Depending on the size of legs – there are three different sizes available – the same CLT board can serve both as a shelf, a low sideboard or a bench.


Briefly what is CLT

CLT (cross laminated timber) is a solid wood construction product consisting of at least three bonded single-layer panels arranged in a symmetric way. The layers are glued together using environmentally-friendly formaldehyde-free adhesives. CLT is used in internal and external walls and for ceiling and roofs. Another advantage of CLT is its space-saving dimensions. External and internal walls are much thinner than brick walls, which means more living space in a house made from CLT.  In addition, CLT is an eco-friendly building product and a responsible choice in the fight against climate change. 

Solid-sawn wood is able to absorb moisture from the ambient air which it then releases again when the air becomes drier. That is why solid wood producess an excellent indoor climate and, therefore, is an ideal choice for people who value a healthy and pleasant atmosphere. CLT stands for strenght and stability, rapid assembly, cost effectiveness and excellent sustainability. Moreover, because of CLT´s moisture content of approximately 12%, it is also an excellent choice in terms of structural properties and fire protection.


Sari Matikka



CLT is a wood product of the future. It has been successfully used in various solution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Muru bench is a by-product of CLT production.

Cheap sustainable furniture reduces inequality. Sustainable furniture should not be for the the rich only, everyone should afford to buy them. Muru bench is cheap, because it`s partly made of waste timber products and because its production, packaging and delivery are made easy.

GOAL 12: RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTIONMuru Bench is all about using eco-friendly production methods and reducing the amount of waste. They are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and can be easily reconfigured to fit your needs.


Using renewable and eco-friendly materials and making better use of the waste play an important part in reducing emissions and tackling climate change. When you buy a Muru furniture, you will help prevent the effects of climate change.

GOAL 17: PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALSA successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, private sector and civil society. But it also requires partnerships between companies. In the case of Muru bench, the waste of a CLT factory is turned into a design object by a furniture factory.


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