Leiya Products LAMPI Installation



magnetic glass writing board


Lampi is quite an eye-catcher. Use it as a combination or pick your favourite colour and size. By using glass magnets you can post important pictures or notes on it. You can also write or draw on it with an marker pen.

The board is made of tempered low iron glass. The glass is clear and without any shades of green. The available colours are bright and clear.

Boards are made in Finland.

Designed by Sari Matikka


Price list

Mini, 180,-

Small, 204,-

Medium, 234,-

Max, 276,-

+ Specifications


height: 345 mm
width: 390 mm
total depth: 13 mm

height: 405 mm
width: 450 mm
total depth: 13 mm

height: 535 mm
width: 580 mm
total depth: 13 mm

height : 645 mm
width: 700 mm
total depth: 13 mm


Petrol blue, Powder Pink, Charcoal black, Khaki light

Each glass board comes with aluminium rail (another rail is attached to glass board).  You need two screws to mount it.